Joie spin 360

By Leah Edwards Friday 28th Feb, 2020

If there’s one thing that makes the imminent arrival of your first baby suddenly seem frighteningly real, it’s sacrificing the back seat of your car to a hulking great baby seat.

Complete with ISOFIX base and more padding than you could ever have imagined, this crumb magnet signals the end of the roadster and the dawn of the family five door. Don’t be surprised if it catches you off guard, lurking unexpectedly in your rearview mirror, eagerly awaiting it’s precious cargo. 

Now that our tiny human has arrived, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to road test the Joie 360 spin, travelling from the North East to London and the South Coast as well as the more prosaic trips to the supermarket.

The top feature of this sleek seat is that it rotates 360 degrees, allowing the seat to be used both rear facing from birth and forward facing (from 9 months up). The integrated ISOFIX base allows for multiple adjustments to the seat positioning, allowing you to move the seat back as their legs grow so that you can follow the current advice to keep your little one rear facing for as long as possible. There is something very neat about plonking your baby down, strapping them in and spinning them into position.

What’s more, as the Joie 360 grows with your child from 0-4 years, you can avoid wrangling an unruly toddler into the cramped confines of the back seat; the spin feature allows you to easily ensure your child is securely strapped without having to climb in there with them. 

The Joie 360 Spin comes with a newborn insert so can be used from birth, and its carefully designed padding can be removed in stages as your child grows.

We brought our daughter home from hospital in this car seat, and although she looked impossibly tiny in it, she was well supported by the padding.

An irrationally over-protective instinct overtook me the moment she was born, and although that drive was the most terrifying of my life, I felt sure she was safe. The simple two tone design is available in Merlot, Black or Dark Grey, offering a subtle contrast to any car interior. 

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