Activity Two: Learning our letters and numbers!

By Cappuccino Bambino Wednesday 17th Jun, 2020

The next in our series of our favourite, quick and easy activities to keep your little ones stimulated and entertained is….

Activity 2: Learning our letters and numbers! 🟢 1️⃣ 🅰️ 🟡

At two and a half our little one is now able to recognise her numbers and a few letters of the alphabet. So we’ve been trying our best to reinforce these by looking for fun and interactive activities we can all enjoy.

This cellotope sticky game kept her entertained for 20 minutes and she loved finding the letters and numbers, sounding them out and then sticking them onto the strips.

How to construct your cellotape fun:

  1. Cut a variety of strips of cellotape and stick to any doorway in the home.
  2. Write numbers on light, plastic balls or pick up a packet of foam letters (we did both, but perhaps we’d focus on one next time!)
  3. Ask your toddler to find letters – we found sounding out the letter and having her repeat the sound back to us really worked. “Ah for a! Can you say that as you add the letter to the tape?”
  4. Let your toddler work out which strips are sticky and have them move under the frame to do so as required

For younger children, we would just use plain plastic balls or small art pom poms as the sticky tape itself is always a winner and the activity is so easy to set up!

Give it a try and let us know how you get on!