Activity Five: The Very Hungry Caterpillar 🐛

By Cappuccino Bambino Tuesday 7th Jul, 2020

The next in the series of activities that we just love doing with our little ones here at Cappuccino Bambino is making our very own Very Hungry Caterpillars!

Learning through play is another great way to engage with your child and ensure that they develop their understanding of the narrative in stories. It provides ways to reinforce learning, continues to extend vocabulary and brings books alive!

This particular activity can be done with little ones of all ages, as you vary the level of difficulty for each.

With your 1 year old:

A really simple but fun little task is to create your caterpillar using a toilet roll insert and some coloured paint.

You can then add the foods that the caterpillar eats around the picture and introduce some fingerprints for sensory play.

Books open the mind and this art activity your one year old to explore new words and phrases and express themselves in creative ways.

With your 2 year old:

Here you could cut out an egg box and join each holder together with staples or tape. Then pain the egg boxes to create the sections of your caterpillar’s body.

This model can then be used to act out the scenes in the book and promote imaginary play. Or better yet, you could make the foods too!

With your 3 year old:

With slightly older children you can start to explore different colours of fruits and vegetables and create the caterpillar using kiwis, apples or grapes. We find this also makes for a great snack time with lots of discussion too!