Skin safety in the sunshine ☀️

By Cappuccino Bambino Saturday 11th Jul, 2020

Our little one is constantly on the move and full of life. As soon as we reach an open space she is generally off exploring and running rings around us. So when you’re kept on your toes at the best of times, being prepared is essential to the smooth running of trips out!

This summer we’ve been going on lots of bike rides and walks, and with guidance telling us to stay outside there’s never been a greater need to keep our children’s skin safe from the sun. 

The products from Childs Farm are perfect as they are unfragranced and organic, which continues to be important to us, especially as our girl has sensitive skin.

We love the sun cream and always use factor 50 on both of our children, keeping the roll-on sunscreen lotion in the side compartment of our changing bag for easy access. The roll-on, which we tend to use more on the move, is a particular winner for both my husband and I as it is so easy to apply, even on little squirmers and wriggling toddlers! I find it is also less messy than the lotion and its compact shape and size makes it easy to store anywhere. 

The spray is great for keeping application varied and I find once it reaches the skin it rubs in really well and makes the skin feel nice and hydrated. It’s great to have a range of products to use for all four of us and we can’t wait to use them on (much needed!) holidays to come too. 

Wondering how much to apply? Childs Farm suggest two teaspoons’ worth to your child’s head and neck area and two tablespoons’ worth for their body. You can’t apply too much, so use it liberally!

We find the lotion most useful for applying in the morning as the ‘first’ layer, as we can ensure our daughter is fully covered before leaving the house. Then the roll-on comes into play more once she’s been in the sun a while.

The best thing about the sunscreen is that it is water resistant and the aftersun products are great for once we are home, bathed and in need of some TLC. The coconut and aloe vera smells delicious and I find it really settling on summer nights as we tuck our toddler into bed for her story. 

It’s important to remember that suncare routines depends on the age of your little one. Childs Farm Founder, Joanna Jensen’s guidance is: 

  • Newborns should be kept in shady areas or under a big umbrella, and make sure they’re wearing long trousers, long sleeves and a hat. 
  • Babies in the pram should be covered, and keep checking the direction of the sun to make sure it isn’t shining into the pram. Sun cream protection can be used from six months on.
  • For children, always use sun screens that have an SPF of 50+ and offer broad spectrum protection against both UVA and UVB rays. Cover any exposed areas with sun screen, and also apply it under clothes which have no UV protection. Reapply frequently every 1-2 hours, and always after perspiring, swimming or towelling. A reduced quantity will lower the level of protection significantly. 

If you and your family are sunseekers and outdoor explorers like us, then suncare is a must and using these Childs Farm products will always leave you reassured that even the softest of skin is well protected.