Activity Six: Under the Sea 🐢

By Cappuccino Bambino Monday 13th Jul, 2020

This week’s addition to our series of fun and super easy arts and crafts activities is another paper plate favourite.

Our chosen theme is Under the Sea, always a popular pick with our little ones as there is so much variety and colour to play with and some fantastic creatures to make.

👀 What you need:

Paper Plates
Washable Kid Friendly Paints
Ribbon or crepe paper
Goggly eyes
PVA Glue
Coloured card

Paper plate turtle

Using a whole paper plate as the turtles shell, your kids can go wild with their decorations on the blank canvas…


If you want to introduce some shell segments that can be used for number and colour learning fun, you can paint the plate with a series of hexagons and add numbers or colours to each to encourage your kids to identify them when you call them out or point to them.

Even if you opt for the learning hexagon design, there’s still plenty of scope for eager little hands to add glitter or stickers.

Once your shell is ready, cut out different sized little strips of green coloured card and glue these to the underside of the plate so that they stick out to make the head, legs and a tail.

Add some goggly eyes to the head and then you have your turtle friend is complete!

Paper plate jellyfish

Start by cutting a paper plate in half to create a semi circular jelly fish shape.

Using whatever coloured paints and decorations you have in your craft box, set you child free to make their masterpiece.

Armed with the goggly eyes and some PVA glue, help your youngsters secure the eyes in place to bring your creature to life.

Taking some more of the glue, cover the straight edge of the jellyfish shape in a generous amount of the sticky stuff.

Using strands of ribbon or cut up strips of crepe paper, you and your little ones can then have plenty of fun sticking on the colourful jellyfish tentacles to the plate body.

And just like that you have your second sea creature creation!

But that’s only the beginning of the fun. Now the two characters can play together in their underwater world!