Time to get crafty with these party boxes 🦕

By Cappuccino Bambino Sunday 19th Jul, 2020

My three-and-a-half-year-old daughter is dinosaur obsessed. She also loves anything that involves painting, colouring and stickers. So when the Crafty Party Box Dinosaur Box arrived, I knew it was going to be an instant winner.

On weekends we like to vary our activities to keep her entertained, something that has been especially important during the lockdown months. And with the weather being at it’s unpredictable best, I decided it was a perfect time for her to get crafty.

The lovely presentation inside the box, wrapped in colourful tissue paper and with all the little packets, makes these party boxes look like lots of fun before you’ve even read about the activities themselves.

My daughter quickly spotted the dinosaurs and got very excited about the theme, hurriedly asking if we could open it and have a look!

She started with the glider and absolutely loved colouring in the different sections with her own designs. Mummy did help give her some ideas but it’s easy for them to do and offers a great chance to be creative.

She added the plastic nose and was delighted to throw it around the kitchen and outside – such a good way to teach her early about aerodynamics while also prompting some imaginary play, which is always fun to see.

Afterwards, she even added some of her own stickers and used her own colouring pens on the glider, so the activity continued (and she will likely want to take it outside in the days to come!)

We chose to split the activities over two days (as there’s more than enough for two sessions, maybe even three!) so part two of the fun saw us painting the dinosaur. This is an ideal way for children to practice safely with scissors under adult supervision, cutting out the parts of the dinosaur body. 

There’s a lovely paintbrush provided and plenty of paint, which will definitely be used after this craft is finished! Also a handy apron which is super useful for keeping mess contained.

The painting went down a storm and she particularly loved the involvement of the bubble wrap where she was fascinated by the effect. 

Better yet, while we were waiting for it to dry, there were fun facts, activities, stamps and stickers to play with to continue keeping our lively youngster entertained.

We will definitely be gifting the dinosaur to the grandparents when we next see them!

Overall this is a really fun kit with plenty to entertain over several sessions and suitable for lots of ages. A level of adult involvement is needed for 3 – 4 year olds but that just adds to the fun as your little ones can eagerly show you their creations as they go.

As our daughter grows I imagine she’ll be able to take on more of the craft herself, so I think this is a great box for all ages and I would definitely be interested in buying others and would recommend to other parents – perfect to fill those inevitable rainy hours at home.

It really is great to see how much effort has gone into each box, making it so special. Thank you, Crafty Party Box!