Comfort in the car and security in the seat

By Cappuccino Bambino Friday 24th Jul, 2020

It’s true what they say, that very first car journey you make from the hospital to home with the newest, tiniest addition to your family, is both amazing and nerve wracking in equal measure.

For me in many ways it felt like the point at which we truly began our parenting adventure. As we left behind the brilliantly attentive midwives and the security of their expertise, it was over to my wife and I to keep our son alive and kicking.

While that can feel a little overwhelming if you think about it for too long, it’s also exhilarating. After all, this was the moment we’d be waiting for for nine months and beyond.

Happily that first journey went off without event and much of that I can put down to how confident and at ease we felt with our Maxi-Cosi Pebble Pro i-size car seat.

High on any ‘baby prep’ list is the buying and subsequent installation of the car seat and like many baby items, there are plenty to choose from. That can make it hard to know where to start, but good friends had recommended the Pebble Pro for it’s ease of installation and the peace of mind they took from knowing it was always securely fastened.

That recommendation was good enough for me and once you’ve followed the simple installation instructions either for the seatbelt or Isofix fitting, you realise exactly what they mean by peace of mind.

The Isofix base has both a light and sound alert that confirms when the carseat is securely fitted to the base and also when the base itself is correctly positioned against the floor of the car. Everything quite literally clicks into place.

Knowing that the seat, and precious cargo within it, was not going to be dislodged at the merest of speed bumps was really very reassuring.

These days most newer cars come with built in Isofix ports as standard, but if your car doesn’t have them, the Isofix base can also be strapped in with a seat belt. The car seat can also be fastened in without the base at all, but if you are looking for that added reassurance of the click in feature, I can’t recommend getting one enough.

The seat itself weighs 4.5kg which means it doesn’t feel too heavy when either myself or my wife is carrying it to or from the car with our son in it.

Cushioned, with an adjustable headrest and memory foam in the side wings, it is a particularly comfortable seat. We chose to purchase a newborn insert just so we’d know for certain that our little boy was lying with his back in the flattest position possible. Once he gets to around 2-3 months old he probably won’t need the insert but it’s the perfect addition from birth until he’s added a bit more size to his little frame.

Now we don’t hesitate to jump in the car with our son, even for short journeys. More often than not he’ll be asleep before we’ve got to the end of the road, leaving my wife and I with that rather odd sensation of peace and quiet…