Nap time on your schedule

By Cappuccino Bambino Monday 3rd Aug, 2020

When we told our two-year-old that we could finally go back to her favourite park playground after weeks without a visit due to lockdown, she was predictably beside herself with excitement.

As it happens, in the time since we’d last been, our daughter now had a little baby brother to share the limelight with!

Having a six week old as well as an energetic little toddler makes any trip outside that bit more difficult to coordinate, especially during these hot summer days when choosing appropriate clothing and sun protection is a must.

Fortunately for us we’d been gifted a SnoozeShade which has been such a godsend already. It’s truly the type of feature that you use once and then wonder how you would ever have managed without it.

Where previously we’ve used anything we can lay our hands on; muslins, blankets, even towels; to block out the sunlight to our pram when we’re out and about, now the process is so much simpler.

The elastic fabric of the SnoozeShade stretches from the top of the hood to the bottom of the carry cot or pushchair, attaching quickly and securely to the frames with velcro fastenings. Within seconds our little ones are completely protected from the sun and able to take a well earned nap, finally on our schedule.

Once we’ve reclined our daughter in the pushchair it creates the perfect cocoon for a peaceful (blissful for us) couple of hours afternoon nap. It’s such a quick process from light to dark that so far she has been able to settle quickly.

The SnoozeShade is easy to store under the pram or in a changing bag and knowing it’s there when needed has made us so much more flexible on our trips out of the house, whatever the weather.

With a handy zip to check on our babies quickly and easily without disturbing them from their slumber, our lives are definitely that little bit easier – always good when we have errands to run or want to catch up with friends.