The best baby wearing experience

By Dani Denney Sunday 9th Aug, 2020

With our son at three and half weeks old we’d managed to venture out a handful of times. We’d used the pram, a Babybjorn carrier and even just our arms on walks in the local area; enjoying the freedom of being willing and able to make the most of some fresh air and sunshine.

I’d always liked the idea of trying a carrier wrap though. To me they looked like they’d be very comfortable for both baby and mama and the idea of being able to hold him close to me without strain was very appealing.

Asking around to friends and fellow mums I discovered that there were lots of options for wraps but that one brand in particular, Fornessi, was consistently being put forward as one to look at. We were fortunate to be gifted their Sage Chevron Carrier to try and it’s safe to say it has lived up to expectation! 

My only reservation before it arrived was whether the actual wrapping process would be too complicated and that I’d struggle to create a support that I felt would safely ensconce my son. My fears on this front were dispelled as soon as I opened the box.

As I unravelled the incredibly soft cloth and draped it over my shoulders, I noticed that inside the box was an envelope with a QR code. In just a few clicks I was watching a really simple to follow instructional video on the Fornessi website.

The ease of finding these instructions and then following them through cannot be understated, especially when you’re short on sleep or living in a slightly more chaotic household that you’re previously used to! I also liked the fact that the owner herself was in the video with her son. Initially placing your baby into a long piece of fabric gives you a tinge of nervousness that it might be a little unstable, so to see the her doing this was really quite reassuring.

The steps were SO straightforward to follow, even for a novice like me and I loved the crossover at the back too which looked and felt amazing. 

It took a couple of practises to slot our three week old in, as you have to guestimate how much room they will use – I initially thought I needed more room in the front crossover, but in practise forgot to account for the stretch in the fabric under the weight of our rapidly growing son. 

The first outing for our son and this beautiful wrap was to a lavender field farm for my husband’s birthday. Between us we felt excited and ready to go on our wrap excursion. But as is the seemingly always the way with babies, we were delayed straightaway. At 3-4 weeks old our son was going through a significant growth spurt and food demands were through the roof!

So having arrived at the farm, I then proceeded to feed him for around 40 minutes in the back of the car, eating into our already lightning quick days!

Fortunately, during a nappy change by dad I was able to tie the wrap around me – I had managed to memorise the process in two practise runs, which was great. 

My husband lifted him into my arms and I tucked his little legs and pulled up the supportive outer layer. I felt him relax into a lovely, comfortable curved position and couldn’t feel any strain on my back, as I had with other strap carriers. We felt like one, and it was so nice to have him close, with his head resting comfortably on my chest. As I’m sure lots of new parents have experienced at this age, our son wasn’t keen on being separated or put down for any length of time.

I wore a strap top, as it was a rather warm day, so the wrap covered my shoulders. The Chevron Sage design looked lovely and I felt confident in my appearance – probably the most confident I’d been since the birth. The fabric also felt breathable and I loved the fact that it was eco-friendly too. 

We enjoyed a walk around the lavender fields and I found it easy to have him close. About 30 minutes into our walk, as if on cue, as we’d just picked up some drinks, our baby woke up with an ‘empty’ stomach (how!?). I continue to love the sensation you feel in your breasts, connecting you to your baby as they begin to stir. 

We decided to loosen the tie a little and somehow, he nuzzled down and began breastfeeding. It’s lovely to have him close and I had read that wraps increase response feeding, which I’ve been working hard to make sure I do, so as to nourish our boy as much as possible in these early days. I also found the wrap quite discreet as well as being able to shade him from the sunshine. 

We re-tied the wrap once he had finished feeding just to ensure his weight was distributed evenly and he quickly drifted off again.

The first of many successful outings we’ve had with our baby in this beautiful Fornessi wrap. It really has proved a great alternative to help soothe and support our baby on the move and allows both my husband and I to be hands free, something we all come to appreciate during parenthood!