The perfect snacks for a walk in the woods…🐭

By Cappuccino Bambino Tuesday 11th Aug, 2020

Our two-and-a-half year old daughter is Gruffalo mad. We recently visited one of the many Gruffalo trails and she was in her absolute element.

She is also a massive fan of the Organix range which she first started on at six months old, with their Banana and Mango porridge and has subsequently since devoured their oaty bars and rice cakes whenever we’ve treated her to the tasty snacks.

So when the opportunity arose for her to try Organix range of Gruffalo Claws you can imagine how much excitement there was!

We’re big fans of the Organix products at Cappuccino Bambino. They’re like that trusty food sidekick that your little ones can enjoy at home or on the move, whilst you can be safe in the knowledge they are getting a nutritious snack boost to keep their energy levels up in between main meals.

The Gruffalo Claws, available in Cheese & Onion, Tomato & Herb and Barbeque flavours, are made from baked corn with no added salt and are perfect as an alternative to crisps.

We’ve loved introducing Organix into our weaning and the range of products is brilliant in getting further variety in our daughter’s diet.

They are also perfect for our summer outings, as you can stick a few in the pram or rucksack and they can be eaten with minimal fuss out and about.

Now we just have to work on encouraging our daughters to share, because lets face it, we don’t mind the occasional Gruffalo Claw ourselves!