Putting poppers in the past

By Cappuccino Bambino Sunday 16th Aug, 2020

As anyone with a wiggly, wriggly little baby will attest, getting them into and out of clothes can be a an event in itself. Let alone at 3am in the morning.

We can’t be the only ones who have battled away against flailing limbs and a squirming tummy to put our 5 month old in a baby grow, only to then find we’ve missed a popper somewhere along the way and the whole outfit needs redoing!

There must be something out there that’s easier for parents and babies alike, we thought to ourselves. And that’s when, after a bit of digging around and many exasperated conversations with fellow mums and dads facing the same nappy changing struggles, we came across ZIPPYUP.

A baby grow with a zip sounded like a genius creation and we were thrilled to get the opportunity to try out one of the brand’s newest range of organic cotton, zipper baby grows.

The first thing I noticed when I went to put our baby in the ZIPPYUP was just how soft the material was. From experience this isn’t always a given with baby clothes, but I knew our son was going to be comfortable in this straightaway.

The process of getting him into the baby grow couldn’t have been easier and he was zipped up snug in a matter of seconds. The zip itself is concealed which means you don’t have to worry about it touching your baby’s skin and there’s also a thoughtful tab at the neck which makes sure the zip puller doesn’t catch on your little one’s chin.

As is of course the way with babies, it was never going to be long before a nappy change was needed and here again, the ZIPPYUP baby grow made things so simple. With minimal fidgeting fuss on your part, you can have your baby in a position to check or change their nappy in no time.

As you’ll see from the photos the baby grow is a lovely design and our son was more than happy in it. This particular outfit has a nice thickness to it, perfect for autumn or winter wear, but what we also love about it is that the hands and feet can also go free or be wrapped up warm, owing to the turn-back cuff feature.

ZIPPYUP have a wonderful range of long sleeved, short sleeved, footless and knitted baby grows in a variety of different colours. And for the story behind this fab little company, check out their About Us section on their site.