Efficient, easy pumping for breastfeeding mothers

By Dani Denney Friday 21st Aug, 2020

Imagine you have a tap that follows you around and turns itself on whenever it is triggered. Now imagine that tap is actually your breasts and the trigger is your new baby’s hungry cry.

The flow arrives without warning and with just a slight tingling sensation as your breasts begin the let down to allow the milk to appear.

At this point your baby needs plugging in! Right phew, they’re latched usually comfortably but now you need to stem the flow of the other boob.

Urgently you scan the coffee table for your pump to stop the flow or at desperate times, any container at all that will save your nice sofa cushions from an unwanted shower!

Ah! No use. The pump needs charging and you haven’t attached a sterilised bottle to it to collect the contents to freeze or use for an evening feed for dad. How annoying.

You don’t want the milk soaking up in your pads and you’ve already washed muslins galore moping up the stuff. You need this milk, even as a ‘just in case’ option, and you need it now, as the flow continues all over your bra and down your stomach occasionally over your babies new outfit. Not helpful. More washing and more changing.

Then you are recommended the Haakaa. What a relief. Hands free, no electric pump, just suction in a small silicone container. Ideal.

Sterilised regularly, it’s become my partner in milk collecting crime, day or night. It’s so easy that I can just grab and go and it collects up to 3 oz from the breast I’m not feeding from at each feed.The breasts are stimulated, but not as much as an electric pump, which means no over supply and more stored milk for when you need it most.

Initially I was worried it was only collecting foremilk, but no, it gets the hindmilk too, so baby was definitely filling up nicely ready for sleep after a bottle.

Personally, I try to use the haakaa at every feed unless I’m out. But even then I’ve used it in the car. It’s that easy because you just pop it on. It’s also handy when I’m using the pump on the other breast and my husband is feeding our baby from a bottle.

I’ve now started collecting a store of milk in the freezer for the day I might (finally!) be able to pop out for dinner (woo!) and try to keep two full bottles in the fridge for evening feeds or as topups if I fancy a break (this a must when breastfeeding, as it can be relentless at times with these mini person who already appears to be eating me out of house and home).

Breast milk seems sacred when you choose to pump so catching every last drop is a must. I love the ease of the haakaa and the fact that other than sterilising it no additional hours of organisation is required. Ideal for those who are a bit last minute.

Often I’ve also found that I can collect more milk in the Haakaa than the pump. I’m not sure the logic of that, but it’s great! Also, at night it makes life with dripping breasts easier and means more sleep for me (well, unless someone has other ideas)

I think having a haakaa as an option is a must for anyone hoping to breastfeed / pump or both with their babies.