A playmat to last through the ages

By Cappuccino Bambino Tuesday 25th Aug, 2020

We’ve recently started kitting out our nursery and have been looking for a selection of items that will not only be perfect for our six week old now, but also still appropriate for him as he grows and becomes more active and adventurous.

A playmat would be a focal point of our nursery and we wanted one that would be comfortable and soft for our little one to lay on but also stylish and well designed.

And it was with that in mind that we came across Little Stories reversible pullaway play mat. We were first drawn to this by the fantastic black and white town scene on one side and the lovely star pattern on the other. What a fabulous bonus to be able to switch up which side is on display from day to day!

We were so lucky to be gifted one of the mats by Little Stories and it has had pride of place in our little one’s room ever since!

The black and white town scene, complete with a farm, train tracks, winding roads, trees, bridges and more will be a perfect first setting for our son to play with his cars and trains once he’s that bit older. But before then, the patterns are perfect for stimulating his brain. As we explained in our recent review of the Little Black and White Book Project, black and white colours register strongest on a baby’s retina and this in turn stimulates the brain. Activating this area of the brain then leads to faster visual development, giving your baby that all important starting point in life.

It’s fantastic to have a playmat that we know will bring these learning benefits even before we have introduced toys and books!

When you first come to take the play mat out of the lovely box it arrives in, you immediately notice just how incredibly soft the material is. Genuinely you could fold it up and use it as a pillow – believe me, I’ve been tempted myself!

Since the playmat arrived we’ve had a few visitors over to the house, including our niece and nephew and the grandparents. That’s where the drawstring feature on this playmat really came into it’s own.

When you’re hastily tidying the place to make it look presentable, the ability to to turn this playmat into a toy storage bundle is amazing. We were able to hide all the toys away in seconds before nap time. The drawstring keeping car and train parts together so you’re not scouring the room for those missing pieces!

This truly is a drawstring reversible playmat that meets all your nursery needs and we can’t recommend it enough.