Comfort and breathability, a perfect nighttime combination

By Cappuccino Bambino Tuesday 15th Sep, 2020

When it comes to preparing a nighttime sleeping environment for your baby, it feels like there are so many factors to worry about. Is the room dark enough? Is the temperature ok? Should the white noise be louder?

That was definitely the case for my husband and I over the course of the first few weeks of our little boy’s life. As the weeks have gone on we’ve gradually become more confident with how things should be to ensure he gets as much sleep as possible (every extra minute is crucial for both the child and the parents, right!).

We’ve also increasingly dispensed with the things that we’ve found unnecessary and gravitated to the things that make our life easier. One of those is the Tog 1 Sleeping Bag from aden + anais

Designed to be worn over pyjamas or a sleep suit, this beautiful jungle print sleeping bag has become our go to at night.

For starters, it is extremely easy to get our son into and out of, with one zipper opening from the bottom. A massive plus point in the middle of the night when those nappy changes come calling!

Then there’s the feel of the material. The 100% cotton is incredibly soft and using it means we don’t have to worry about loose blankets in the crib or covering our son in extra layers. We know he’s going to be perfectly comfortable as soon as it’s been done up, which is one less thing to worry about when he’s fighting sleep.

As many of you will no doubt have found, especially over the last few months, trying to regulate the temperature of a newborn during hot summer nights can be a nightmare. The single layer of breathable muslin in this sleeping bag has meant we’ve not had to worry about our boy overheating.

And in addition to this sleeping bag’s marvellous functionality, we simply love the animal print designs which go perfectly with our nursery theme.

aden + anais have a whole range of sleeping bags for different seasons of the year and after the experience we’ve had with our son so far, we couldn’t recommend them enough.