Finding napping bliss with BabyBjörn

By Cappuccino Bambino Monday 21st Sep, 2020

While creating a shopping list when pregnant with my son, a baby bouncer was top of my wish-list and as other new parents will know it has been one of our most used items since he has been born.

Being able to put the baby down to take a shower, make dinner or drink a hot cup of tea is invaluable.

We were gifted the BabyBjörn Bliss 3D Jersey, a super soft and lightweight Baby Bouncer that provides a comfortable and supportive place to safely leave my son. It has become his favourite place to take a nap and has given me a chance to tackle the never-ending pile of chores.

This bouncer offers optimal support to baby’s back, neck and head and has three different positions so it can be adjusted as the baby grows. It is suitable from newborn and then once the baby is older his own movements will begin control the bounce of the chair.

One of my favourite features is how lightweight and easy to transport the bouncer, which makes it very easy to move around the house or even take it with you when you go away. It has a handy carry case and would even fit into the basket under the pram.

It also made going to stay with friends recently much easier as it meant my son could still be settled into the comfort of his chair from home and we could enjoy an uninterrupted glass of wine and catch up. 

From £154.99 at BabyBjorn