Building bonds with your baby in style

By Abi Scott Tuesday 22nd Sep, 2020

Bon and Bear has the most gorgeous print wrap for when I’m out and about meeting the girls for a coffee and a lovely walk with our little ones. 

Now that I’ve done it a few times, putting it on is so quick and easy and I love how I am able to continue looking stylish, even with my 4 month old in tow.

My boy has always been a little fussy at nap time and trying to get him to sleep in the pram was a lost cause. The wrap has been a saviour for me. He loves the closeness and warmth he gets to feel when snuggled against my chest and he drifts off so peacefully.

When he wakes, he still loves to be carried and to have a look around, especially now he can see that little bit more.

Being hands free means I can continue with my day and I’ve always loved cuddles, knowing my baby won’t be this small for long.

I love my fashion and this leopard print wrap by Bon and Bear is perfect for me to stay in control of my fashion choices. I love that the stretchy material has enabled me to use it even with my baby at 4 months old and the print is perfect.

My boy has a beautiful smile and I love the connection we have and this wrap just makes our bond even closer.

Also, how cute is this tote bag! It reminds me that I can handle whatever life throws at me as a new mum.

One of the other things we love about Bon + Bear is that their products are designed to consider the importance of healthy hip development during infancy. This is especially important during the early stages of hip development in the first few months after birth. As a mum, knowing this, is yet another reason why we love their wraps so much!