The softest gifts on the high street

By Cappuccino Bambino Thursday 24th Sep, 2020

We cannot help but be obsessed with The White Company!

Their products are the softest we’ve tried, always sweet and very reasonably priced for the quality you are guaranteed.

I remember tucking my niece in last Christmas and feeling the softest lining ever on her sleeping bag. Checking the label I wasn’t surprised that it was The Little White Company and I went to check out their website.

We were gifted the sweetest pack, complete with sleep-suit and comforter in an adorable case plus a multi purpose muslin that’s already been a huge help day to day with our little man.

The sleep-suit is the softest material and I love how the buttons do up. The suit is footless so leaves a little room to grow and the bear design is quaint but stylish.

Our boy has just begun to love holding a comforter to help soothe him when in bed at night (we always remove once he’s asleep) and his cousin, now three-years-old still enjoys having her monkey comforter close by too – she was even happy to gift one to her brother!

Advice from my sister-in-law suggests having a few so you’re not searching for the little monkey all evening around your bambinos room! I think they have four in total, but they’re worth it as come highly recommended for use as part of a successful bedtime routine.

The White Company is definitely full of high end products and perfect gifts but also ideal for a little treat, especially in the winter time when you want your little one to be as cosy as possible.