A preowned kids clothing platform helping put pay to pollution

By Cappuccino Bambino Monday 26th Oct, 2020

My 4 month old son has been the very fortunate beneficiary of some wonderful hand-me-down children’s clothing from mine and my husband’s elder sisters. They very thoughtfully kept hold of their kids’ newborn and infant outfits, many of which have only seen a few wears themselves.

When our little one and any future sibling have outgrown the outfits we’ll also look to pass them onto family or friends with newborns at that time.

However often many parents might find themselves in a position where they don’t have anyone obvious to pass their children’s clothes onto. That’s where preowned platform Kidswear Collective comes in. Founded by Shoshana Kazab, it is a website that focuses on designer baby and kids fashion, allowing the general public to sell on the site too.

Kidswear Collective is just one of a number of sites focussed on reversing the current high levels of pollution in the clothing industry. Of the 80 billion pieces of clothing produced worldwide, it is estimated that 75% of these will end up in landfill each year. And in Britain alone, we are expected to throw away 235 million items of clothing this year.

Livia Firth’s sustainability business, Eco-Age, coined the hash tag #30wears to encourage us to wear our garments at least 30 times, however with designer baby and kids fashion, it is estimated that a garment is only worn around five times before the child has grown out of it.

Launched in 2019 and as well as selling online, Kidswear Collective has partnered with Selfridges where it is sold in-store and online.

All the garments are dry cleaned, before being professionally photographed and sent out in a luxe branded box. There are over 100 brands on the website including Moncler, Burberry, Gucci which are sold at up to 80% off the original retail price. Up to 5% of every sale goes to
the NSPCC and any unsold items donated to the family charity, Little Village.

Visit www.kidswearcollective.com to check out everything they have for sale or to sell your own preowned children’s clothing.