Awesome autumnal attire

By Cappuccino Bambino Wednesday 4th Nov, 2020

Leaves have started turning orange, yellow and brown and whilst I adore the colours of Autumn, knowing what to dress my boy in has been consuming my thoughts for the past few weeks!

What to wear? Will he get cold? Pramsuit and snowsuit – are they two different things? What should he wear under it? Is a vest a good enough layer.

The answer I kept finding was… use your own judgement! Wow! Ok…

Snowsuits are waterproof by the way but generally more expensive and only necessary on snow days in my opinion. 

In searching for comfortable warm clothing I came across Blade and Rose and their ultimate collection of fancy leggings. They are colourful, unisex and last up to 6 months with sizes 0-6, 6-12 and so on up to age 4!

Watching our boy enjoying some tummy time in his vroom vroom car leggings is the sweetest activity ever, with his little bum in the air!

The colours are varied across each range and the themes are all kid friendly. Paired with a long sleeved vest these outfits are smart, cute and warm! Always a winner with our family.

Better still they are a bargain at just £10 a pair, which means warm clothes aren’t costing an arm and a leg!

We particularly love their animal range as 10% of the sale goes to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), a lovely bonus to know we’re also contributing to a charitable cause. 

Our boy is warm, cosy, colourful and stylish in these winter warmers, ideal for when your out and about as the weather gets cooler!