The perfect playmat for tummy time

By Cappuccino Bambino Monday 9th Nov, 2020

If like me you are keen to ensure your baby is getting the right level of stimulation to help their development but are often unsure what to do, then Etta Loves is a brand that will really interest you.

Everything Etta Loves has created is designed by their consultant Orthoptist’s recommendation to support baby’s visual and cognitive development. The patterns will look different to your baby from week to week as their vision develops.

We were lucky enough to be sent the animal print reversible playmat for our son and have already been using it on a daily basis for tummy time. It has made it so much easier as the high quality padded material made from organic cotton is so comfortable for him to lay on and the pattern crucially holds his attention so that he is able to do it for longer. 

The pattern on either side of the playmat encourages baby to use their back, neck and shoulder muscles as they push up to make more sense of the print before them.

Not only are the mats lovely to look at making them easy to have around your home, but they are also machine washable, which as any busy parent will know is very important with little ones who bring a lot of mess with them!

The mat comes in gorgeous packaging and has a band that holds it together when rolled up so it is nice and easy to store. It retails for £75.00 and can be purchased on the Etta Loves website.