Snug as a bug in a rug with Kura

By Cappuccino Bambino Tuesday 8th Dec, 2020

After a chilly winter’s walk there’s nothing we love more than to be wrapped up, snug as a bug on the journey home.

These adorable Kura car seat blankets are stylish, smart, warm and versatile.

We often venture out each morning in Surrey and recently the weather has dipped noticeably. We’d be scrabbling around for blankets in the back and re positioning them once they’d been kicked off endlessly but now the Kura blanket is there ready to go before every journey.

With poppers for quick and efficient access in and out, our little man is warm and cosy straight away, a must for us mums on the run!

We often transfer him into the buggy in it too as it is easily strapped in to provide extra warmth on those long strolls with friends.

We’ve been complimented on it for how lovely it looks and the colour options means it suits all styles of mamas.

Now almost 4 months our boy still loves to be wrapped warmly inside the organic material and it’s so sweet to see him with his little pink nose after a busy morning out and about.

We were recommended these wraps by friends and were lucky enough to be gifted one. As they’re suitable from 0-6 months we see these as the perfect Christmas gift 💝 for expectant and new mums.

Check out the full range here