Soft and stylish play mats for your little munchkins

By Cappuccino Bambino Sunday 13th Dec, 2020

Finding a play mat that fits in with your home decor can be a more difficult task than you might think. Many are designed with bright colours and stimulating patterns in mind, which might be perfect for your child’s nursery, but less so if you’re after something a bit more subtle. That’s where Munchkin and Bear come in.

With a range of stylish play mats in a host of different sizes, Munchkin and Bear have deliberately moved away from bold, primary colour designs to softer tones. Much more tasteful than other play mats of the past, you can create that designated space for your little ones without compromising on the stylish look of your lounge or living room.

We were lucky enough to be gifted one of their Round Botanical Play Mats in Steel Blue, which also has a soft grey, speckled pattern on the reverse.

The lovely padded material feels spongey underfoot and cushions our little man whenever his face inevitably hits the floor during a tummy time session.

Not only are these play mats thick and durable, they are also wonderfully practical as well. The wipe-clean, waterproof material makes clean up operations quick and easy, which as all you parents will agree, is an absolute godsend!

A draw back of the wooden floors in our living room is that they are not all that forgiving for a baby who is just starting to roll and bundle around. Munchkin and Bear offer the perfect solution, protecting our boy from bumps and bruises while he plays.

He loves his tummy time but is also enjoying his play gym and sitting up, so it’s great to have an area that he can spend time in, without taking over the whole of the room.

An ideal Christmas gift to give your partner or to ask the in-laws for, as they’ll know you’ll be getting plenty of use out of it and many a photo opportunity!