First foods fun with your little one

By Cappuccino Bambino Tuesday 19th Jan, 2021

Weaning has got to be one of the most exciting things to start as a new mum.

I couldn’t wait to get our boy onto solids and improve my skills in the kitchen ready for when we could all share family meals.

Purées were the safest option to begin and we followed Ella’s Kitchen weaning tips in their book and their very helpful checklist too to ensure we were offering enough variety.

At first we tried just bitter vegetables and we got what I suppose we should have expected, a lot of grimaces and raised eyebrows not to mention some crying in pure disgust.
Now purées aren’t always the quickest to make. We have a baby steamer and blender but it still takes preparation and after a busy morning trying to get out of the house for a lockdown walk, just ‘knocking up’ a new purée can all feel a little rushed!

Ella’s Kitchen pouches have come to our rescue after multiple outings. Full of nutritious fruit or veg and nothing else, they are a winner on busy days – yes even during lockdown when we seem to have a lot of time. Sometimes baby’s routine can be restrictive. These are perfect on days out and as a quick grab and go option when you just haven’t organised yourself as effectively as you may have liked (welcome to mum life!)

Our son particularly loves the smoothies and takes great pleasure in (almost) feeding himself from the pouch. 

Out and about friends are seen with Ella’s yoghurts, snacks and the lunch pouches too as they are an easy and nutritious option. We particularly enjoy the prunes and apple as it really helps with little one’s digestion as he gets used to the new foods, textures and amount his body has to break down.

He also loves the smoothies that are packed full of a range of fruits with no added ingredients so you know your baby will be getting the best start. 

Ella’s First Foods book is packed full of fun, nutritious and varied food ideas from 4months plus which has been so helpful as we’ve embarked on our weaning journey.

We can’t wait to grow with our boy in cooking and also flavouring foods in a variety of different dishes.

If you weren’t sure on pouches, I know you will be eager to try a few now!