Purchasing your perfect pram

By Cappuccino Bambino Saturday 23rd Jan, 2021

Prams are one of the most frequently discussed baby items you’ll be thinking about when you become pregnant. But when there are so many varieties and so many reviews, it’s hard to know which to choose.

But the research process can actually be quite enjoyable. I’ll admit I spent several hours reading reviews and watching YouTube clips offering comparisons of different prams and I loved every second.

My sister and I went to try out a couple of prams and even asked the shop assistances for advice. Our research was thorough and we were excited!

So with all that said, here’s my review now that I’ve actually experienced the Uppababy Cruz V2.

Firstly, it’s important to note we looked at a few models. Bugaboo was my natural go to brand as both my sister and sister in law had one but looking at the specs of theirs and listening to their reviews I just wasn’t sure.

The Bugaboo Bee was a little Urban for us, as we live outside of London and planned walks in National Trust parks and live a drive from shops. It’s plastic frame was small and seemed a little flimsy; ideal for a quick trip up the high street but perhaps not a country walk.

The Bugaboo Chameleon was a bit too clunky for us and apparently tricky to open and close plus quite heavy. As we would be using the car daily to travel to local areas being easy to throw into the boot was an important consideration.

The Uppababy Vista seemed to be everywhere we turned. I’d tell my husband that was the pram for us. It looked so stylish, robust and surely if everyone had it then we couldn’t go wrong.
On reading reviews it said that the Vista had huge wheels and friends suggested that getting in and out of coffee shops might be a little tight. I tended to think a huge pram might be a hassle in and out of the car regularly too and so researching the Cruz began, as the Uppababy was still a lovely model we both thought.

Things to love:

Having used the Cruz V2 for 6 months now I must say I do love it. We use it daily without fail and it just feels robust and easy to use. It’s perfect on pavement and trails as it has built in suspension. The seat is easy to lift to and from the frame meaning our son can face in or out. It collapses easily so I can lift it into the car without too much fuss and it opens quickly meaning less fuss in all weathers!

The colours they do are lovely and we’ve been complimented several times on how smart the pram is. We went for the blue denim Gregory and love it. I also like the green too!

On a trip to the local shop and never remembering my bags for life, a full food shop fits comfortably in the basket below and I’ve noticed it can be so much easier to access than other models, for example the Cruz V1.

I love that it has an extendable handle and also that newborn inserts were available for our boy to go in the ‘big seat’ but still be horizontal as he outgrew the bassinet quickly and wanted to have a look around.

Some drawbacks we’ve noticed:

  • The wheels and their joints are separated slightly so can quickly become stuffed with leaves and mud, I would say more so than other models when I’ve been on walks with friends. I spend a lot of time using my foot to remove the mud – not always easy with baby in tow. That said, this was only an issue when on longer, slightly off the beaten track paths – lockdown has lead to some adventurous trails that perhaps would have been better with baby boy in our carrier!
  • The raincover that is provided with the pram is pretty poor. It’s flimsy and ours ripped. It only just covers the seat and is held on with two thin bits of velcro. We ordered a large throw over one on Amazon that had elasticated corners which just made so much more sense!
  • It is an expensive piece of kit, not to mention the definite need to buy the accessories including the Uppababy coffee holder (the Amazon ones just didn’t fit properly!) and the ganoush for winter – though this is definitely worth it as it’s like our baby is sleeping in a cloud!
  • Finally, the Cruz, unlike the Vista, does not convert to a double pushchair which may seem fine but if you do already know you’d like a second, it’s a good option to keep costs down and means you don’t have to replace your Cruz!

Overall I would definitely recommend the Cruz V2 but if I were to purchase this again I might consider the Vista for the fact it converts to a double or maybe even another pram that converts to a double.
I would also consider the Mamas and Papas pram as that looks fab and I’ve heard the Bugaboo Fox is a great option, not dissimilar to the Uppababy.

Essentially, there are no wrong answers when it comes to prams but I do recommend going to try prams out and getting some reviews from friends. Some prams are very heavy and others a nightmare to open and close so the research is definitely worth it.

I hope this helps and happy walking! There is certainly nothing like seeing your newborn in the bassinet for the first time.