Nesting and nurturing

By Cappuccino Bambino Monday 25th Oct, 2021

Nesting took on a new meaning in our second pregnancy.

With my first born, I emptied and reorganised cupboards, ensured washing was always done and had everything laid out ready for his arrival weeks before we met our gorgeous boy. However, it’s safe to say with baby number two our priorities were a little different. Nesting looked different for me this time around; I concentrated on nurturing my relationship with my son, before our lives were turned upside down by a new arrival. (Or at least that’s what we expected!)

I first noticed the shift in my mentality with my hospital bag. Its contents were slowly accumulated and yet at 39+4 days, it still wasn’t fully complete (it was all there..somewhere…I was sure..) This was a stark contrast to when it was packed and ready to go at 32 weeks in our first pregnancy!

It was only a couple of days before our due date that we cleaned and installed the newborn car seat again and instead of the usual excessive cleaning, our first born was lapping up all the attention he could possibly desire. The guilt of having another baby when you still have an only just 15 month old perhaps.. or the realisation that time with two may be slightly different so best to make the most of it now

The last week or two before our second boy’s entrance were incredibly special, with us really bonding as a three. We were definitely nervous about what life as a four would be, especially with such a small age gap, so spending as much time as possible together during the last few days was essential. Besides, we didn’t know when we’d have the chance to really sit and play again. Our priority was that our eldest had the strongest attachment possible, so he didn’t feel cast aside once we entered into the unknown. Essentially, spending extra time with our oldest was a different way to prepare for the new arrival.

And it took shape in the form of play.

It’s been amazing to see him develop and structured activities have really helped him focus for longer and also given his playtime short bursts of purpose and direction. This is something we felt he would potentially have had more of if we’d decided to send him to nursery, but our circumstances meant he’s been able to spend more time at home with me so boosting him is very important to us. Luckily, my husband can work at home, so our son has maintained strong bonds with us both and we’ve continued with the additional play ideas into his paternity leave now baby boy has arrived.

The extra stimulation from these mini-challenges and sensory play have helped fill the time both when I was a little tired from being 40 weeks pregnant but also in the early days with a newborn where we’ve been at home a little more. They support our eldest son’s milestones and it’s been so interesting to see his focus and concentration improve as well as given us to a chance to work on his language and motor skills. Preparing the tasks is a lot of fun too and time well spent in my opinion with friends often giving the tasks a try at home themselves which adds to tour enjoyment in doing them too!

We’ve begun documenting some of the activities on our Instagram blog and in our stories which I hope other families can continue enjoy and share with us. These activities have allowed us to feel that we’ve still engaged with our oldest in a productive way, knowing that there are times with a one week old, that it just isn’t always possible to do so.

One on one time with both boys will continue to be important and getting creative in short, simple but fun activities has been a great way to know that everyday they will be getting the attention and love they deserve.

I’m so excited to be a mummy of two boys and I really feel that we nested in the best way for our little family ❤️