Self belief with a second baby

By Cappuccino Bambino Saturday 30th Oct, 2021

The months of being pregnant have zipped by. We’re now four days from our due date and have been eagerly awaiting baby boy no.2 to make his appearance.

Having found out we were pregnant in January (with baby no.1 just 6 months old) things were a little chaotic for a while! Morning sickness was just the same..19 weeks versus 21 with our first boy just without much rest this time..

I managed to keep up the exercise for 6 weeks but fatigue hits hard with a small one and navigating a 6-9 month old through a lockdown whilst in my first trimester was a little challenging. I felt that keeping up with a crawling little one, soon to be walker, whilst growing another was ensuring I had an active lifestyle.

The brilliant thing about pregnancy no.2 however is the new found confidence I’d gained from having been pregnant before. Things that I’d worry about were no longer an issue and accepting that researching and reviewing every birthing method and plan wasn’t going to be realistic allowed me to focus on my own self belief. I’d done this before; I knew what to look out for and I’d do it again.

I’ve had more time to really think about how I will approach the newborn stage. Much easier to do when you’ve done it once before. And by approach, I mean, I’ve been able to feel confident in my body’s ability to give birth; confident in being able to breastfeed my baby if I can, but also relaxed about other options without worrying about how others feel and finally just accepting that it’s going to be a tough, sleepless few days, weeks and months but slowing down and taking extra time is ok.

I had severe anxiety with our firstborn and I can’t say I enjoyed the early days with all the worry, healing and madness that a newborn brings but I’m determined to savour these newborn cuddles as much as possible whilst still ensuring I have time for our soon to be big boy.

We can’t wait to get on with it! Every niggle comes with hope that he’ll be making his entrance ASAP and hopefully in rather quick fashion but let’s see…

Until then we’re doing odd jobs, prepping meals for our 15 month old and spending some real quality time together as a trio.

It’s a lot of adjusting but we can’t wait to expand our team. I’m already so proud to be a boy mama and being so pregnant yet again has reminded me that dreams really do come true 💕